The Scoop: New Year New Apps

Kick off the new year with some new apps to help you manage your busy life, create a work-life balance, and check off your goals. These are some of the apps we found intriguing and will set us off on the right path in 2016. Check them out and let us know what apps your excited about in this new year!

  1. Monefy (Android) and Saver 2 (iPhone) – These apps will help you track your expenses and get your finances in check.
  2. Monefy


    Saver 2

    Saver 2


  3. Venmo – Send money instantly to repay or generously give to your friends/family.
  4. Venmo



  5. Khan Academy – Learn about almost anything from math to science to art.
  6. Khan Academy

    Khan Academy


  7. Duolingo – Learn a new language before you jetset off overseas.
  8. Duolingo



  9. HERE – Maps are their mission. From standard road maps to finding your way through an airport.
  10. HERE



  11. Simplesteps – Making it easy to learn a new habit such as drinking more water or walking more.
  12. Simplesteps



  13. RockMyRun – Workout mixes and moves to the beat of your energy and gets you pumped.



  15. Kitchen Stories – A video and photo cookbook with recipes and tutorials.
  16. Kitchen Stories

    Kitchen Stories

*Tocci does not endorse and is not affiliated with any of the above applications.

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