The Scoop: Tocci’s Best Blogs of 2015

We’re hitting rewind and taking a look back at our best blogs of 2015. We’ve pulled the most popular blog from each month. Check them out to preview the kind of awesome content we’ll be posting in 2016! Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

January – Design Trends – The Inspired and The Tired

2014 In Review

February – The Scoop: Photo or 3D Rendering?

Image 8

March – If You Can Dodge a Wrench You Can Dodge a Ball

Some of the trampoline dodgeball competitors.

April – The Benefits of Sysque

SysQue in use

May – The Scoop: Drone’s Eye View

John operating the drone

June – Day of Giving

Maria + Tia at the Mike Patterson Golf Invitational

July – Tocci Interns: Growing + Learning

The Tocci Bunch

August – #trendalert: Pets Welcome

Pets just having a drink

September – 5 Reasons for IPD in Higher Ed

IPD at Stanford

October – How Toastmasters Has Helped Me

Mighty Devoted Communicators - Toastmasters Meeting

November – Laser Beams Reveal Existing Conditions

Laser scan of existing garage at 3 Journal Square Plaza

December – A Year In The Life of Tocci

We have just a few trouble makers in the group...

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