The Scoop: Buildings Going Up

This week we’re checking in our some of our projects sites in MA and NJ. Take a look to see how they’re shaping up!

Osprey Cove II update from Xiaoxiao Li, Assistant Project Manager: “We are framing the third floor and will be putting on the roof trusses soon. We are starting to assemble the elevator shaft and the west elevation is getting water proofed. Window and EIFS mockup will be taking place this week.”

Osprey Cove II - Secaucus, NJ

Osprey Cove II – Secaucus, NJ


Embassy Suites Berkeley Heights update from Mike Anderson, Assistant Project Manager: “The third floor slab has been poured and load bearing panel installation in underway on the 3rd floor. Framing and mechanical hangars are being installed on the second floor while spray fireproofing has begun on the Level 1 beams and columns. Prep for the slab on grade is ongoing and low roof decking is nearing completion. Tower construction will begin next week and take place over the next 2 months as we alternate plank and panel installation.“

Embassy Suites - Berkeley Heights, NJ

Embassy Suites – Berkeley Heights, NJ


65 Grove Street update from Ken Dubois, Superintendent: “After approximately 12 weeks of aggressive demolition, we are now ready to begin the process of bringing new life to 65 Grove St in Watertown. Steel channels are being installed on old precast sills to receive new storefronts and curtain wall systems. Foundations have begun for a new stand alone precasted 4 story parking garage. Framing has begun on the new building corners and elevator penthouse accent roof caps as well as the new main entry.”

65 Grove Street - Watertown, MA

65 Grove Street – Watertown, MA


3 Journal Square Plaza update from Tom McInerney, Assistant Project Manager: “The project continues to make progress on the light gauge metal framed panels and masonry walls on the residential floors of the building. We’ve completed the prefabricated panels on the 3rd floor and are nearly complete with the 4th floor joists and decking and risen to the fourth floor with our masonry stairwell and elevator shafts. Concrete has been poured in the fire lane and we are anticipating the pour of the fourth floor in the next few days. In addition to work on the residential floors, we also have the MEP/FP trades on site and commencing layout and installation on the 1st floor and parking levels.”

3 Journal Square Plaza - Jersey City, NJ

3 Journal Square Plaza – Jersey City, NJ


Homewood Suites Brookline update from John Adams, Superintendent: “The brick on the exterior is about 90% complete. The siding and metal panels are in progress. There are a number of guest rooms ready for finish, which was started the other week. The garage level is now accessible from the street over the newly placed ramp.”

Homewood Suites - Brookline, MA

Homewood Suites – Brookline, MA

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