Safety Influences Planning

As a cost engineer for Tocci, I work on active projects as they progress through the various phases of construction. Working on these new projects gives me the opportunity to evaluate new work, view these projects with an objective eye and create new opportunities for Tocci. Because I spend most of my days in the office putting together competitive bid proposals, I am not always available to visit our project sites. However, this past November I was given the opportunity to tag along with and shadow Tocci’s Safety Director, Chuck Rosenthall. During my time with Chuck, I was led through the ins and outs of how Tocci deals with any jobsite hazards and safety concerns. While shadowing Chuck, I learned what it takes to be a great Safety Director and I was able to discuss with Chuck about preventive measures for the future of the industry.

Tocci creates a Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) for each individual jobsite to make sure that we have a plan in place prior to jobsite mobilization. Chuck generates each individual SSSP and also goes through a Job Hazard Analysis with each major trade for the project. These two strategies give Chuck a set of documents to refer back to if jobsite logistics change or if the project goes through any major construction changes. Not only does he complete these preventive measures prior to construction, but he also checks in with each jobsite once a week to stay up-to-date on construction activities and safety measures taking place at each Tocci project.

Chuck works closely with the jobsite superintendents to ensure that safety is a main concern on our projects. He checks the project sites for safety signage, properly marked areas, muster points, and for work compliance with Tocci and Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) safety policies and procedures. Because Tocci is more stringent than OSHA’s code in select areas, it is important that all of our onsite employees are briefed on Tocci’s policies prior to starting work. This means that each employee is required to go through thorough a safety orientation and must complete Tocci’s safety form before completing any onsite work.

While on the road, Chuck and I discussed potential ways to keep our project sites safe and employee moral high. It is important that jobsite workers understand the importance of safety and the long term rewards of working safely. Safety also ties into the preconstruction side when bidding on projects and procuring work. But safety doesn’t begin on the jobsite, it begins in the planning and design phase of the project. Chuck and I were able to discuss contracting with subcontractors and trades. One item in particular we discussed was that during the design phase, we can identify certain aspects of building construction that can be designed safely which would benefit the upcoming project and the future workers on site.

To learn more about safety on the jobsite from Chuck, check out the A Day In The Life Of Our Safety Director!

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