On December 6th, the construction crews at Boston Medical Center (BMC) lifted the new sky bridge into place. Due to the historic nature of the event, BMC organized a viewing party from the third floor of the Shapiro building for all of BMC’s hospital staff and their families to watch the bridge be set into place. The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team, led by Tocci, termed this lift “Bridgeapalooza.” The bridge, which had been assembled on site over a four-month period, was lifted into place in multiple stages. The prep for the lift began at 5am when the three cranes to be used for lifting the bridge into place were mobilized on site.
BMC skybridge 01

There were two assist cranes placed at each end of the bridge and one 600-ton crane that took over Albany Street for the day. An additional assist crane was used to lift workers onto the sky bridge for tying up the joist lines from the cranes to the bridge. This process took until 3:30pm. During this time, reviews of the safety conditions around the bridge took place.
BMC skybridge 03
BMC skybridge 04

The two assist cranes on each end of the bridge lifted the structure off the supports to about 30 feet high. After this, the 600-ton crane hoist lines were tied up to the center of the bridge. At the same time, the hoist lines from the assist cranes were disconnected from the bridge, transferring the bridge to the 600-ton crane.
BMC skybridge 06
BMC skybridge 07

As a part of the final stage, the 600-ton crane slowly rotated the bridge 90 degrees to span Albany Street and then lowered the bridge into place between the north and south bridge tower. The total lift lasted about 2 hours. Once the bridge had been placed, the crew secured the bridge with welding before disconnecting the 600-ton crane.
BMC skybridge 08
BMC skybridge 05

This was an important milestone for the construction project. Once the bridge is completed for full occupancy, space will be freed up for the Emergency Department at the existing loading dock to expand. The sky bridge placed across Albany Street will be used to connect the power plant to the Menino Building of BMC, to transport patients from the helipad to the operating rooms and for materials transport from the new loading dock to the hospital.
BMC skybridge 10

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