The Scoop: Ice Cream Social

Tunes were played, songs were sung, Planning + Cost Engineering brought in the fun.
Ice Cream Sundae
As the music was blaring, we ate our treats and sang along with some of our famous peeps.

Tocci’s first official Ice Cream Social was a hit especially with a variety of flavors from Richardson Ice cream and an array of yummy toppings.
Chocolate oce cream
P+CE came to the party with their vocal chords all warmed up. We had some lovely sounds of Joe Flaherty singing John Mellon Camp, Jared Nicklas singing Margaretville, Joe Ferolito singing some Bon Jovi and Marc Perella broke it down on the dance floor. VJ Tocci was hot hot hot like a “Burning Ring of Fire” and Maria Pelaggi will forever “Survive.”
VJ singing Johnny Cash
Some lovely duets were sung as well with VJ + Maria and Tammi + Marc. We were also serenaded in different languages from the Russian Trio consisting of Victor Guller, Pavel Savine and Maxim Maximovitch and then our lovely Hector singing the Macarena. The highlight of the evening was from Greg Cerino with the soft tone voice that had us all mesmerized when he sang King of the Road.
Tammi singing her heart out

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