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Efficiency through technology and design is all the rage these days and for good reason. While Apple started the trend to focus on design and it’s benefits, other companies are hot on their heels. There are physical benefits and time saving effects when design is the focus and not an afterthought. We’ve found some great ideas to update your desk and help you to stay efficient whether in or out of the office.

1) Standing Desk: How to stand without buying a whole new desk.
Standing desk
2) Portable Scanner: Ready to capture and send printed documents or photos in a snap.
Portable Scanner
3) Sleek Keyboard: It’s thin, light, and glowing making for less clicking in the office with a touchscreen like experience.
Glass Keyboard
4) Wireless Headphones: Untether yourself and tune out especially in the trendy open office concept.
Wireless Headphones
5) Smartpen: For all those notes or doodles you take in meetings, transferring information is easier than ever.
6) Pocket Printer: Print while on-the-go so you’ll never forget a document again.
Robotic Mobile Printer

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