The Scoop: 3 Journal, Homewood, and the Chapel

This week we’re checking in on a few of our jobsites from New England down to New Jersey. The project superintendents have provided some updates on the status of their respective sites below:

3 Journal Square Plaza

3 Journal SquareFrom Tom McInerney: “Progress continues on the street level steel as Sequence 1 through 5 have been completed and Sequences 6 and 7 are currently being erected. Demolition of damaged concrete and decking has been completed at the Cottage Street entrance on P2 level and a new slab and island have been poured and completed. New columns B18 and C19 are installed and completed and welding of the street level columns to the base plates is underway. We are scheduled to be pouring 2nd floor transfer slab early October.”

Homewood Suites

Homewood SuitesFrom John Adams: “The building will be water tight in two weeks, with the roof, exterior wall vapor barrier, and window installation complete. The fourth and fifth floor guest rooms on the east side of the building have been roughed mechanically and inspections are in progress. The exterior wall insulation has started and drywall will commence shortly.”

Rock Chapel Marine

Rock Chapel MarineFrom Steve Gonthier: “Drywall is 99% complete on the 1st floor, corner bead and taping to start this week. The Spray insulation on the second floor has been completed and now the fiberglass sound barrier insulation is being installed. Fire protection piping in ceiling on the second floor is scheduled and drywall to follow within days. Also, as you can see the elevator is well underway and should be finished in a timely manner. Soon we will have primer on walls and start hardwood floors with finish carpentry there after.”

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