The Scoop: Buildings on the Up + Up

It’s almost summertime and our projects have been making a lot of progress. We reached out to project team members for an update on how the projects are coming along. Now let’s see what they look like!
Brookside Square - West Concord

Brookside Square, West Concord, MA update from Dan Weber, Assistant Superintendent

“Brookside Square is seeing a lot of exciting progress, both inside and outside. We have begun painting the exterior siding and panels on the residential units of the building. We have also started to spray primer throughout the first two sections of the units inside. We are working to complete the sheetrock install on one end of the building while beginning the flooring and door installs on the other end.”

Homewood Suites Brookline

Homewood Suites, Brookline, MA Update from John Adams, Superintendent

“The structural steel and precast plank installation is now 75% complete. There is a 275 ton crane set up inside the building footprint, this crane will be leaving and will be replaced by a smaller 200 ton crane. The smaller crane will straddle the foundation wall along Boylston Street to install the remainder of the building. The first half of the building is now accessible to all trades for: underground utility work, coring of precast plank for mechanical risers, partition layout, spray fireproofing, exterior wall framing and the start of the roof installation which will all be happening this week!”

3 Journal Square

3 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ Update from Josh Stoke, Assistant Project Manager

“The project has continued to progress with installation of structural steel supports on the P3 and P2 garage levels. Column reinforcing plates are also being installed throughout the garage. Some minor demolition work is still left and continues to progress. The structural steel transfer deck erection date is now set to begin on June 26th.”

Rock Chapel Marine

Rock Chapel Marine, Chelsea, MA Update from Steve Gonthier, Superintendent

“The foundation is complete. We are now gearing up for structural slab placement and site-work operations. We have had a few hiccups in regards to framing, but have since worked out most of the issues between the contractor and the Architects team. The on-site support of the client’s employees has been outstanding and critical to the forward motion of the project.”

Waltham Landing

Waltham Landing, Waltham, MA, Update from Maria Schneider, Assistant Project Manger

“Waltham Landing is full of activity. Windows have been installed up to the 4th floor and all MEP trades are making their way through the building. The framing is nearing completion, and the installation of siding and trim began on June 4th.”

Embassy Suites Berkeley Heights

Embassy Suites Berkeley Heights, Berkley Heights, NJ Update from David McCauley, Assistant Project Manager

“Foundation work is ongoing, with a majority of the foundation walls/footings completed and frost walls set to be finished within a couple weeks. The CMU shear walls have been constructed up to the 2nd level for both the stair and elevator shafts. The underground electrical work is complete and plumbing utilities are proceeding.”

WB Mason

WB Mason, South Boston, MA Update from Angelo Syrnitois, Project Manager

“The WB Mason project is nearing completion. The new roofing and siding work will be wrapping up beginning of this week. Work in the two-story office space is a couple of inspections away from achieving substantial completion. Aside from getting the rest of our final inspections and affidavits, we will be working on addressing the exterior punch list after this week and finishing up the interior painting in the warehouse.”

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