The Scoop: Contain Yourself Part 2

Picking-up where we left off on Contain Yourself Part 1, that focused on some of our favorite restaurants made from shipping containers, now we will explore some of our favorite retail stores that have made a new home inside shipping containers. More often than compared to the restaurants, these retail stores are temporary popup stores that travel from city to city. Take a look at these unique spaces and how creatively they’ve been designed to meet all of the brands needs for a retail space.

Tommy Hilfiger Popup Event Space/Brand Promotion Venue – Berlin, Germany

Tommy Hilfiger popup space
Tommy Hilfiger popup space

Puma Popup Retail Store – Alicante, Spain; Boston, MA; and Stockhom, Sweden

Puma popup store
Puma popup store

Johnson’s Grocers – Christchurch, New Zealand

johnson's grocers

Aether – San Francisco, CA


Boxpark Mall – London, UK

boxpark, london
boxpark, london

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