The Odd Coupling

First Impressions

Alan: Joining Tocci six months ago was a dream come true. I knew that I would be working with some very brilliant and talented people and have not been disappointed. Pavel Savine and I have been doing some very cool collaboration from different perspectives. I like to think of us as “the odd couple”. Having worked for a large mechanical contractor I bring my coordination skills to the table. I am always talking about pipe fittings and how important they are in coordinating a virtual building. Pavel and I differ in so many ways, but are the same on so many levels.

Pavel: When I first met Alan, I had no idea that he had such a depth of knowledge in trade coordination. My background in architecture and programming set up a world of possible directions of development, but I lacked the real world knowledge of precisely which tools can and should be most effectively developed.

Common Ground

Alan+Pavel: As we started to interact on an almost daily basis, we started to find common ground both in work and in other areas. Musically, we connected over early hip-hop, as well as stories from past lives. In work, we began brainstorming and developing ideas on more efficient MEP modeling tools and techniques. Alan brought the real world experience and knowledge of exactly what is needed in the field. Pavel has the knowledge of how to implement it with a series of logical operations, and eventually as a Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) tool.


Alan+Pavel: The working results of these sessions were a set of tools for drawing automation, translation from CAD to Revit, hanger layouts, and plumbing tools which are simply missing from Revit (some of which are expansions of earlier work, but all coded by Pavel and under Alan’s ‘reality check’).

Pavel: Listening to Alan speak with subcontractors on the phone gave me an impression of the type of questions to ask, the issues to look for, and the general candor of the conversation to be had. On the technical side, the knowledge of how to run pipe and fittings gave me a better idea of what can and cannot be automated given a certain level computational sophistication. As someone who enjoys programming, the conversations gave me motivation to keep developing the tools and working through the challenges (which can get frustrating when working without that reality check).

Alan: Learning to think in different ways respectively, Pavel and I have had a great time learning from each other. I think it’s so cool that two different people on different levels can come together to improve the greater good of VDC and the company.

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