The Anticipation of Christmas…ahem I mean Proposals

From our Planning + Cost Engineering team – an unusual parallel between the Holiday season and completing/submitting proposals.

The day we receive a request for a proposal is usually like the day after Thanksgiving. You have just finished one holiday and now it is time to prep for the next.

Weeks before Christmas Day, you start your shopping early to get all of the good deals on gifts. Then a week before Christmas, you track your deliveries to ensure your orders will arrive before Christmas. You begin to get nervous when some packages aren’t delivered on time but when they are, you feel a sense of relief. On Christmas Eve, you may dash to the stores for any last minute gifts and food but most of your day is spent putting the finishing touches on your gift-wrapping. Finally Christmas arrives and in that moment when your loved ones gather around the tree, you are ecstatic to see the smiles on their faces. Success!

This is very similar to when one proposal is completed and another one starts!
In the weeks before a proposal is due our cost engineering team starts preparing as soon as possible. We confirm that copies of all project documents are in house for review. A kickoff meeting is scheduled to assign roles and responsibilities for all the department team members. We reach out to subcontractors and make sure all pertinent documents are issued ahead of time, so that we receive feedback and pricing in a timely manner. It’s all about the planning!
Then a week before a proposal is due our cost engineers review each trade for the status of coverage and contact subcontractors to confirm their intent to submit pricing. Follow-up meetings are held to check in to see that each of our team members are making strides toward completing their assignments. There is always that nervous feeling when a subcontractor doesn’t submit a proposal or an individual doesn’t complete their task on time, but the worry doesn’t last long because we get in the quotes and gather all of the pieces to the puzzle. Follow up is key!

A great deal of time and effort has gone into preparing for our submission to the client. On the eve of the proposal, we finish any last minute parts but mostly the day is spent piecing together the deliverables and organizing our final package. We want everything to be just right!
Finally proposal day arrives and our team gets together to send off our Business Development representative to deliver our finished product to the client. All of our hard work and preparation has come together in a quality package that delivers a clear and cohesive message. We are pleased to submit a package to the client that we are proud of and look forward to hearing good news!

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