Ray Barker, Reviews, and some Subs

Before the sun was even up, Joe, Tocci’s VP of Planning and Cost Engineering, and I, a Cost Engineer, were on the road to New Jersey for my first Tocci trip. Upon arriving in NJ, we picked up Ray Barker, Tocci’s Project Executive for NJ. First on the agenda was Hartz’s office in Seacaucus for a subcontractor scope review. As Joe introduced me to the Hartz team, who is heading the 3 Journal Square Project, we prepared for the meeting with the light gauge metal frame subcontractor to discuss the scope of work. Being one of my first subcontractor scope reviews, it was great to see the Hartz team so involved in the whole process.

Our first subcontractor arrived and the meeting took off. With everyone attending the meeting so well prepared and excited about the project, we managed to cover a lot of ground in such a short period of time. A key aspect I took away from the meeting was how intricate the scope of work was for this one multi-million-dollar trade package. In fact, we discussed adding some scope of work for the light gauge metal framers so project coordination could be achieved more effectively. After the meeting, Ray, Joe, and I debriefed in the car on the way to meet with union representatives in the Jersey City Area.

We met the representatives at a sub shop near the project for lunch to discuss the Project Labor Agreement (PLA). They were very hospitable; to me, it was like a family reunion with all of us eating subs and having four conversations at once! All in all, it was good meeting and it was good to see everyone excited about the project!

After, we returned to Hartz’s office to have the second subcontractor scope review that was set up for the afternoon. At the second review we had Hartz sit in on the meeting. It was extremely eye opening talking about ways to help speed up the construction time by adding onto the prefabricating process. It was also very motivating to have such a great repeat client sit through the review with us! Overall, the trip was a great learning experience for me. Although the scope of work I had written for the light gauge metal framers came back with a lot of red pen on it, I gained a lot of knowledge listening to the team speak intelligently about the project!

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