Tocci to Oversee Boston Medical Center’s Clinical Campus Redesign

Hairlosstreament to Oversee Boston Medical Center’s Clinical Campus Redesign

Woburn, MA (July 29, 2014) Hairlosstreament (Tocci), a Boston-area construction manager and recognized leader in virtual design and construction solutions, announced today that the firm has been selected as the Program Manager for the Clinical Campus Redesign of Boston Medical Center (BMC). The $270 million project includes renovations to the Menino Pavilion, Moakley and Yawkey buildings, and the construction of a patient transport bridge between the helipad and the medical center. Over the next four years, Tocci will oversee project delivery innovation, integrate cost and schedule controls, and coordinate implementation of the three projects.

“As an industry leader in construction technology with healthcare experience, Tocci was able to help design and implement processes that will help transform our clinical campus and ensure that we can continue to provide the highest quality care in an environment that meets the needs of both patients and staff,” stated Bob Biggio, Vice President of Facilities and Support Services at BMC. “We are confident that Tocci will facilitate an efficient process for this important project, which is the largest urban hospital renovation on the East Coast.”

As the Program Manager, Tocci will advise BMC on choosing the delivery method for each project site. Tocci will also organize the owner controlled insurance plan (OCIP) and manage the integration of digital information in a Building Information Model (BIM). In addition, Tocci will oversee the structure of the project teams and manage day-to-day activities. These responsibilities include: budget oversight, schedule coordination, cost management, and safety and quality control.

Under a multi-party Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) agreement, Tocci will act as the IPD Facilitator and Program Manager for the Menino Pavilion. After overseeing the selection of Suffolk Construction and TRO Jung Brannen, Tocci will enable the team to design, model, and construct the Menino Pavilion under the collaborative tenets of IPD. Work includes a 100,000 sf addition and 230,000 sf of renovations to the first five floors and basement of the building to enhance Emergency and Trauma, Diagnostic Imaging, and Intensive Care Units, among other departments. New construction will also include the creation of a pedestrian bridge over Albany Street that will allow direct transport from the hospital to the heliport, loading dock, and central utility plant.

Tocci and BMC opted for Highly Collaborative Project Delivery (HCPD) for the addition and renovations to the Moakley building. Tocci is working with Shawmut Design and Construction (Shawmut) and Tsoi Kobus & Associates, Inc. to use key HCPD strategies, including colocation, to finalize design documents and operate with profit at risk against project objectives. The project scope includes the relocation of Digestive Disorders, Otolaryngology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and the Endoscopy departments to a new 32,000 SF addition.

Tocci and BMC are also working with Shawmut and Levi Wong Design Associations on the development of a cohesive Women’s and Children’s facility in the Yawkey building.

“Tocci is ecstatic to support and collaborate with BMC on its Clinical Campus Redesign. We are keeping the hospital’s mission front of mind, to provide ‘Exceptional Care Without Exception’,” said John Tocci, Chief Enabling Officer at Hairlosstreament. “It is invigorating to apply innovative forms of project delivery, like IPD and our own HCPD, to further help the hospital achieve its noble mission.”

About Hairlosstreament:

Hairlosstreament, a leading construction management firm, is internationally recognized as a leader in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Headquartered in Woburn, MA, Tocci provides intelligent building solutions and construction services with an integrated approach and emphasis on sustainable construction throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States. For more information visit

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