The Importance of a Good ‘Font’

Huh? What’s Typography?

In recent years, fonts have become a common design element. Typography (the art of arranging letters to communicate something more clearly or to create interest) has become something that popular apps use to ‘jazz’ up someone’s Instagram photos. Browse Instagram for one minute and you will see countless images with fancy text over the top of the photo. This is something that, up until recently, was considered a ‘no no’ by most.

Being a graphic designer, I may see things that often go unnoticed by others, but I believe that the use of text to create art and interest is being used by the laymen and the designer alike. The masses have begun to realize the emotional elements behind certain typefaces (or fonts). A person trying to be cute with a photo of their pet might use a hand drawn font to elicit a playful and personal emotion. Similarly, when talking about construction, architecture, and modern design, one might use fonts with square edges, thick line weight, and attempt to use symmetrical balance in the letters.

This hasn’t always been the case, however. See exhibit and . In Exhibit A, there seems to be no thought of how people analyze information or what causes people to notice something. Exhibit B, however, does a much better job of making something interesting using typography to engage its audience.

Letters As Art

Fonts have begun to help inform the design. You see this everywhere and probably don’t even realize it. The  ‘M’ is as recognizable as their entire name. In fact, you can randomly pick a company and I bet they use font as part, if not most, of their logo. In 2013, we saw a shift in certain typefaces becoming popular. That is somewhat of a misnomer because the trend of 2013 was custom, hand drawn letters (being handmade oftentimes means it’s not a font).

Many new cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, breweries and food companies used hand drawn logos and labels (see this graphic design website to browse the plethora, ). This trend proved that it was no longer just okay to choose a font in Microsoft Word and call it good; careful thought and execution needed to be taken when dealing with text. Movies like last year’s Moonrise Kingdom even hired graphic designers to develop an entirely new font for use in their movie. Times are changing.

I Now Deputize You

Now that I have given you a glimpse into typography, you maybe begin to notice how mistreated many words are in today’s society. From ‘Lost Kitten’ posters to Mom-and-Pop restaurant menus, text and typography have gone by the wayside. As Laura Handler has said around our office, “I now deputize you.” I deputize you all to create compelling  letterhead, invoices, lost kitten posters, spending reports and the like. If you have seen any really good typography, I would love to see a photo of it. Tweet it @toccibuildingco or post it on our wall.

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