Work Hard to Play Hard

It’s refreshing to see a company reward its employees for working so hard throughout the years. I am new at Tocci and am continually blown away by the dedication the employees have and the appreciation of the executive team for all their years of loyalty and contribution. As the years go on, more and more employees at Tocci are reaching their ‘Employee Recognition Vacation Awards’ according to how long they have been with Tocci. Recently, our Punchlist + Warranty Technician, Kevin Leonard took his family on a trip to the Bahamas. One of our Superintendents, John White, enjoyed his 10 year award vacation last summer. Additionally, Joe Ferolito, our Vice President of Cost Engineering + Planning, is planning a 10 day tour of Italy with his wife for hitting his 20 year mark.

These particular photos are Kevin Leonard’s from  his trip to the Bahamas. Remember, work hard to play hard.

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