On Tuesday afternoon, we had the opportunity to walk through Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion with The S/L/A/M Collaborative and take photographs of the beautiful interior. Many of you have probably seen a few exterior photos (in our portfolio section here), but the inside is just as stunning. It was fun being able to watch the photographer ‘click…click…zoom’ amongst all the other amazing things he does.

Along with its unique and engaging architecture, MHCP also has a unique way to treat cancer using a LINAC (linear accelerator). It’s basically a way to better treat cancer by more directly targeting the areas needing treatment while not having to wear a lead suit.

The lobby and waiting rooms are gorgeous and peaceful, and there is also a little pond outside of the infusion center. It helps to promote a tranquil atmosphere and it is definitely pleasant to look at!

We can’t wait for the finished photography, in the meantime, here are some ‘in process’ shots of Tuesday’s adventure.

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