Jeremy’s Tradeline 3

Last month, Jeremy Garczynski, made two presentations at the Tradeline conference on using design and construction to enable lean facility lifecycle. Each of the presenters were asked to provide 3 main points known as the “TRADELINE 3”of their presentation as a way to reduce all of the information that was being discussed into the big “take-aways”. Here are Jeremy’s “Tradeline 3” for the whole conference!


Owners now expect to use data from BIM to inform and build their facility maintenance programs. Equipment specs, room and space information, and performance data from the BIM can lead to more efficient buildings without duplicative effort. Data can also be used from document management systems to predict issues and guide team behavior for optimal project delivery. Tocci is familiar with this; our work with the GSA is only one of our efforts underway!


Collaborative project delivery methods have taken off in a big way. Whether through a formal IPD, or using practices such as early engagement or colocation, owners can reap the rewards of reduced redundancy, improved communication, and compressed schedules. Several projects across many sectors were highlighted including academic, research, health-care, and mixed-use. Check out the rewards we’re seeing on one of our recent projects, which used Highly Collaborative Project Delivery (HCPDSM).


Prefabrication has allowed construction teams to further compress schedules by building components offsite while early activities (particularly foundations and steel) are completed. Skanska used this approach on a hospital in Miami; this got me thinking about how we use it on our projects.

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