Keeping the Weather Out

What is the right way to keep weather out? Contract drawings show one way, vendor details depict another, and consultants suggest a third recommendation.

Project Manager Joe Cavallaro combines his experience with recent enveloping training from SGH to answer that question on Forest City’s Transit Oriented Residential Development in Stratford, CT.

  • We reviewed the details in a collaborative work-session with the architect, installer, manufacturer, and consultant. It’s important that everyone shares the knowledge! Ironically, the team met last Tuesday, during the rain.
  • The mock-up will stay on site throughout construction, as the “test kitchen” for everything that touches or surrounds it. Trim and siding details will be worked out prior to mobilization. It establishes a level of quality, acceptability, and procedural model that will be carried throughout the project.
  • The cross-disciplinary team will review the installation  process, analyzing each step and determining the best approach.
  • Each decision is cross referenced with warranty documents, to ensure that we aren’t invalidating the warranty. Each decision and step is documented.
  • All parties will come to the jobsite to observe the first window installations, to make sure that steps are followed and are feasible.
  • We will repeat the same process with everything else that “breaks” the envelope: doors, roofing, flashing, trim, HVAC equipment, etc.

With these strategies in place, Joe is looking forward to no call backs!

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