5 Wish List-Worthy Technologies

It’s no secret that the Tocci team loves technology. Our day-to-day focuses on the practical and current, but we always keep an eye on the future. Recently, we checked-in to see what technologies people can’t stop dreaming about.

01 Holographic Projection

We know we can send a model to Zebra Imaging, and they’ll send us a holograph in return. But that isn’t enough. We want portable. We want instant. We want a version of DARPA’s military-level interactive holographic projection. Is that so much to ask?

02 3D Printing

3D printing has been around for some time, but in 2013, it made significant strides towards feasibility. Moises Berrun is intrigued by Makerbot; in his words: “it would feed my tinkering impulse.”

03 Reality Capture

Reality capture is so critical to document existing or constructed conditions. Typically we perform laser scans, but then spend a significant amount of time converting the scan to a model. Moises Berrun has another idea:

I would like to get my hands on Matterport. It’s a 3d scanning solution that supposedly automatically creates a digital model of the scanned object or space. I think it could be very useful for documenting mechanical rooms and their labyrinth of pipes. This is valuable when as-builts for older buildings are non-existent or incorrect.

04 3D Vision…Sans Glasses

It’s a little awkward to have to wear 3D glasses for 3D vision. Ashwin Ramesh found someone working on a way around this. Although Ashwin  admits that it might be a little awkward with rows of people blinking in a BIM cave.

05 Developers, Developers, Developers

Despite the amazing (although certainly not all inclusive) list above, current technology doesn’t fulfill our entire vision. As a result, some people on our team are looking to create technologies:

  • Ashwin Ramesh is planning on exploring Unity 3D Development Suite to see if VDC can leverage the virtual game development tool
  • Jovial Sanon is getting into iPad App development and design to improve model interaction on job sites.
  • Later this year, Piece Reynoldson, VDC Manager, will be attending CASE-lead Revit 2013 API Workshop.

What is in your 2013 Technology Plan?

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