Marlborough Hospital Buttons Up

Assistant Project Manager, Jeremy Garczynski accounts Marlborough Hospital accomplishing “weather tight” status in the spirit of the holiday classic “Baby it’s cold outside” 

I really can’t stay… 

With the project coming to a close at end of January, we really can’t stay. We are racing against the clock to finish the sitework before the ground freezes. We are phasing the interior glass and millwork to go in before the linear accelerator is delivered later in January. The locker rooms and service rooms in the existing building are being framed and need to be finished. The DPH is lined up for inspections and the nurses are eager to get trained.

The neighbors might think… 

…what changes of the past year. The back of the hospital where many of the service activities now has a new face. We broke ground in early Spring, to find surprises beneath the soil such as oil tanks and contaminated soil. We were excavating through the Spring placing footings and foundation walls. The pouring of the Linac was a milestone in itself with nearly 50 trucks of concrete were delivered that day! The framing going up gave shape to what was just a BIM before. MEPFP systems were installed after going through a comprehensive coordination process using the BIM. Over the last several weeks the façade has gone up: first EIFS and brick, now metal panel and glass. The façade materials have a welcoming, earth tone palate, which isn’t obtrusive to the guest receiving treatment.

Baby it’s cold outside… 

…so we keep warm by turning the space heaters on as the interior gets brought to a finish level. Drywall is almost finished, painting has begun on the East offices. Fixtures are being located for the Linear Accelerator and CT scanner. This required intense coordination and precise craftsmanship as the tolerances of the laser guided equipment are very low. The service areas in the existing building are being fit-out as well. Store front at the entry way is going up with the entry canopy to follow, soaring above the rest of the 1 story pavilion, this will serve as a beacon calling out as a welcoming point.

Although the building has taken shape and it’s buttoned up to keep out the weather, there is much to do so the project can serve patients.

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