Those who can, build.

The Tocci VDC team came back refreshed after a long-weekend for Thanksgiving. Here’s what they’re reading and sharing.

Jovial Sanon, VDC Modeler, came across this interesting article over the weekend from the National Post, on China’s latest construction superlative: the world’s tallest skyscraper in three months! They are planning to achieve this through the speed of modular construction and by circumventing traditional construction methods. 220 storeys in just 90 days will be a very impressive engineering feat, but at what cost? Safety? Creativity? Quality? Great read nonetheless.

Pierce Reynoldson, VDC Manager responds: You should see what they can do with a highway!

Drew Dana, Cost Engineer / VDC, shared another link, a video: This is the same system they will probably use, minus the dramatic music.  30 storeys in 15 days using steel and concrete – not too shabby.

Val Tzvetkov, VDC Modeler, responds with the inspiration for the post title:

“Those who can, build.”Robert Moses

So true. So true.

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  1. The China I visited in 2009 was virtually a different country than the China I toured in 2001. The construction of new office towers, residential towers and hotels throughout the country had substantially changed city character and skylines. The addition of new roads, rail lines and public transport systems such as Shanghai’s maglev train system was astounding when considering it was all put in place over an 8-year period. I couldn’t get over the vast acreage of new (and highly decorative) highway plantings – an effort to restore forests destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. The Three Gorges Dam is awesome – seeing its start on my first visit and sailing through the new locks on my second. One thing you have to remember, though, is that thousands and thousands of workers are assigned to these projects 24/7. Day, night, weekends – the work never stops. On the housing and office projects you can see that some workers are living in under-construction buildings. Their laundry hangs from the structural steel; small cookstoves line the edge of concrete decks. And on public projects, such as the dam, huge tracts of subsistence housing is built to accommodate workers and their families. A commitment to building, yes … but a wealth of available manpower too.

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