The Lowline mockup

James Ramsey, principle of RAAD studies, responds to NYC’s high density and minimal public space with a concept that contrasts with NYC’s High Line Park: the Lowline Park. Pierce Reynoldson’s two-sided reaction:

Images courtesy of Lowline

High Time for the Lowline via The Architect’s Newspaper

Optimism: It is amazing that NYC is seriously considering such an unconventional project (an underground park). For the grad students this is an argument for why it’s ok to push the boundaries:

Pessimism: I remember underground public space projects in grad school; the critics would argue that they are destined to become “crack dens.” “You don’t know what’s around the corner” is typically not a good sound bite for a public park. Then again, NYC hasn’t had real crime since the 90s and I imagine it will be under just as much surveillance as the rest of Manhattan. Finally, I don’t I buy the idea of foraging for food in any city park.

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