The (BIM Decision) Matrix is Real

Tocci has been selected by Harvard Planning & Project Management (HPPM) to provide consulting services and develop a series of Building Information Modeling (BIM) resources to assist the university in its implementation of BIM. Harvard selected Tocci from a field of national BIM consultants for its experience as a pioneer in BIM implementation, and virtual design and construction (VDC.)

HPPM, in partnership with the University Construction Management Council (UCMC), works to establish policies, procedures and best practices for delivery of capital projects at Harvard University. The UCMC BIM subcommittee is working to educate University stakeholders about BIM, and developing plans for integrating BIM on capital projects. Tocci will work with HPPM to develop a BIM Decision Matrix to determine logical utilization for specific projects. The team will also develop a BIM Project Implementation Plan (PIP) to guide how project teams can best leverage BIM technology. Finally, Tocci will develop a BIM roadmap which will detail the processes and resources necessary for successful BIM- driven project delivery on capital projects.

“Tocci’s unique, first-hand experience as builder, design manager and owner’s representative equips our team to formulate a comprehensive plan which delivers the huge benefits of using BIM throughout the design and building processes,” said John Tocci, chief enabling officer. “Knowing how to shepherd teams from where they are to where they need to be is as important as templates, process maps and procurement documents. Tocci is thrilled for the chance to help HPPM develop a comprehensive and practical BIM implementation toolkit.”

Tocci intends to deliver the BIM Implementation Plan to Harvard by the end of 2012.

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