Building the Future on the Past . . . Literally

Amy Thompson-West, Tocci’s Director of Strategic Support, recently sent around this article,  about the archeological findings at the Antakya Museum Hotel. Here are her thoughts!

Do Let Reality Inspire You

I am not going to get all technical on you and preface this article about the Antakya Museum Hotel with subjective design commentary. I find the fortitude and pluckiness of this Turkish Hilton franchiser who found that his chosen building site capped an astonishing archaeological treasure awesome. Move on? No, at significant personal expense, he engaged the best archaeological scientists, the country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and an architect moved by history to dream up one of the most interesting museum-cum-overnight experiences imaginable. A bed venue that rivals IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden for coolness. WOW. WOW! The Antakya Museum Hotel is on my list of places to experience in my lifetime. Nils (my husband) … got this? Let’s go! (Editor’s note: Check out the Iceglass production.) 

This article resonated with me, as we develop a Gallery at 660 that pays homage to Guastavino, the design/builder that constructed what has become our corporate home. Understanding the past, honoring what was great in a moment in time, is critical to our evolution as constructors and civil beings. It is imperative that we reflect on and incorporate the past in each new beginning we (as individuals and humankind) embark on.

Layers. The Life Tapestry.


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