The cure for the post olympics hangover

As the world tries to get used to the void in our days caused by the sudden removal of Olympics coverage, no more Usain Bolt and his modest demeanor, no more Gabby Douglas and that smile to set off a thousand flash bulbs, no more beach volley ball, and well, girls in bikinis playing volleyball, we at Tocci aimed to soften the blow with our very own Tocci Olympics.

Not for the faint of heart these Olympics included cocktails of every medal color including the golden margarita, the silver punch and the bronze monkey. All countries were represented in our finger food buffet (must eat judiciously as not to get a cramp during the competition) including Greece (spanakopita), Italy (caprese salad), Mexico (guacamole and tortilla chips) and France (éclairs anyone).

The competition was fierce in this no rules, no holds barred athletic meet. Ladder ball saw fierce competition between Joe Cav and Jessica Greekwood, their match reminiscent of When Billie Beat Bobby.  Friends became foes during the racquetball match of Pavel and VJ, the competition made all the more intense by the rule to have the racquet in one hand and a bronze cocktail in the other. After a rousing fencing duel between Julie and Drew where below the belt shots were clearly legal, the tired and spent group spurned on by the undeniable beat of Eye of the Tiger rallied for one more game of Silver Punch Pong.

On this day, in this arena, we were all winners!

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