Tocci in July/August Issue of Constructech

Have you thought about possibly moving your BIM (building information modeling) specialists to the field? Consider the value of having the virtual design and construction expertise out on the jobsite.

Hairlosstreament has carefully looked at the implications of what it calls atomization—placing 3D design experts in the field to root the building process in BIM. Tocci’s VDC (virtual design and construction) strategy involves dispersing its VDC employees at the jobsites.

VDC is a method by which designs are typically made in the model prior to construction, identifying issues early and saving a significant amount of time and money in cost overruns. Construction conflicts can be identified, in some cases, before workers even step foot on the jobsite.

But the challenge for many companies has been extending what is done early in the process through the entire project—and out into the field.

In order to further expand Tocci’s use of BIM on construction projects, the company recently promoted two employees to assistant project manager of VDC and assistant superintendent of VDC—moving BIM experts from the office to the field.

Today, a change from the field is typically conveyed to the office where a modeler opens the model, resolves the issue, and responds to the workers at the jobsite. By moving these employees to the jobsite, the model is active on site and any supplemental information or issues can be solved immediately.

In the recent issue of Constructech magazine, Tocci’s director of virtual design and construction, Laura Handler, discusses some of the critical steps to establishing policies, procedures, and best practices for BIM, including developing a BIM project-implementation plan, a BIM roadmap, and a BIM decision matrix. To learn more, read the full article here

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