Bud LaRosa’s BIMForum Reflection

Attending my first BIM Forum was certainly unlike any other experience I have had.  Like many of the participants I was awestruck by the presentations.  It was easy to see why those who came did.  As I thought about each stakeholder and what was in it for them it became clear that the BIM pie is large enough for each stakeholder to benefit.


The advantages of BIM on a project for the owner stakeholder are numerous.The overall efficiency in design creates costs advantages – whether through reductions in change orders (via clash detection or clash avoidance), time advantages (ability to get building online quicker) or longer-term benefits realized using BIM FM in their operations and facilities management systems.

Penn State shared some great experiences on this topic.


The advantages to the building contractor are also many.  BIM provides a good estimation during bidding and procurement, coordination and sequencing (including “what if” modeling), conflict avoidance, and helping end users understand and visualize the end product.  Mortenson shared an example of a virtual mockup of an operating room where they actually inserted an image of all medical devices and the doctor (not an avatar) in an operating room until the doctor was satisfied everything was properly placed.  Helping an owner make informed decisions about the project is incalculable.


With BIM construction documents are produced more easily.  This allows architects to spend more time on the building’s design.  Architects and engineers have more time to collaborate on/speed up the detailing process and evaluate the impact of design substitutes. BIM allows for more performance based engineering which in turn increases reliability which subsequently mitigates risk.  Gregory P Luth & Associates did a nice presentation on the benefits or BIM for the design professional.


Bud LaRosa

Chief Business Performance Officer

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