The Garden Spot for the Community

The initial idea seemed fleeting. “Some raised beds, you mean a garden? Oh, that’s nice.” But one look at Julie’s [Brown] DIY raised beds in her backyard, and John [Tocci] and I were goners. They’re beautiful, lush, inviting…brilliant, to say the least. The committee agreed that an area for gardening and raised beds would be a fabulous wellness initiative and a lovely addition to the current Tocci landscape.

The Garden Spot idea is a perfect for our first initiative because it incorporates many of the components of wellness we’re focusing on:

• Community: planning, constructing, and gardening will bring the staff together;
• Exercise: the responsibility of tending to the gardens may be a bit of a workout;
• Nutrition: When our hard work comes to fruition, we will have organic vegetables for salads, salsas, pesto, etc.

John’s early excitement for the Garden Spot didn’t eliminate the need to develop a proposal that would show our ideas, thought process, and budget. Lorrie Guthrie and Joe Cavallaro stepped up to the proposal challenge along with the consulting prowess of Miss Julie B. The proposal was so convincing that it was reviewed and accepted over a weekend and implemented in a matter of a week. Excavation of the site and construction of the raised beds has already begun!

Here is what our Garden Spot will include:

• (2) mounded flower beds
• (4) cedar raised beds (4×4)
• (2) long raised beds (4×8)
• A mulched walkway and garden bench
• Crops to include: peppers, eggplant, lettuce, cucumber, herbs, green beans, tomatoes, kale, etc.

Check back for updates after planting commences.

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  1. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing project. And I am more excited about home made salsa and mojito day at the office using all our fresh ingredients.

  2. This is a nice clean pallet. Can’t wait for the soil to arrive and finally putting the cold weather seeds in it. What a nice retreat spot it will be, with the bench and bird bath additions. The rain barrel is on order, and soon, too, the compost bins. I anticipate a very good year!

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