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A few months ago, Tocci proposed an employee-driven Health and Wellness program. Jessica Greekwood, our Planning Coordinator, volunteered to chair the Health and Wellness Committee, and kicked things off. Her thoughts:

It seems to me that one of Tocci’s core values is continuous improvement – and that includes employee quality of life. [Earlier this year], they put it out there. “We want a Health and Wellness Committee”.  And so there was a Health and Wellness Committee; we assembled a team including Julie Brown, Lorrie Guthrie, Cheryl Doucette, Johan Mackenzie, Joe Cavallaro, and me. Although we are all passionate about health and wellness, we still had one burning question – what did Tocci really want from us, from this committee?  After brainstorming and surveying the staff, we concluded with this:

Everyone at Tocci has a different idea of wellness.  Some considered themselves healthy but needed outlets for stress.  Some ate well, but had no time for exercise.  Some worked out often, but found the unhealthy snacks in the office too tempting. Others claimed they had no interest at all.  It was clear that we were dealing with mixed feelings regarding wellness and our new committee.  To be successful, we couldn’t force these ideas on everyone, and we certainly couldn’t take away the candy in the snack cabinet.  We had to start small, knock politely on doors, and gently invite the staff to the wellness party.

Carefully, our team identified 3 main categories of wellness and struck out with our initiatives.  We decided to focus on exercise, nutrition, and community.  Proposals for a Tocci Gym and a corporate fruit delivery service are in the works.  Our proposal for a Garden Spot, right outside our main office has already been submitted and approved!

Going forward the Tocci Wellness Team plans to promote, motivate, and inform through well-thought-out initiatives and modules. Check back in next week for an update on the Garden Spot!

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