The Green Building Movement's Academy Awards

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Earlier this month, Tocci’s Graham Salzberg attended Building Energy 2012. Over the next week, we’ll be posting his thoughts from conference.

The annual “Building Energy” Nesea Conference felt like the “Academy Awards” of the Green Building movement. Experts in the field such as those from the Building Science Corporation’s John Straube, South Mountain Company’s Mark Rosenbaum, and John Abrams (also a keynote speaker of the conference), the co-founder of Passive House US, Katrin Klienberg” and many other veterans of the industry as well as many builders, architects, engineers were all vying for a place on the “Green Carpet.”

Between lectures, energy geeks of all walks of life were networking and checking out all the latest green products on the showroom floor. This year several new tracks were introduced including a “Campus and Community” and a “Healthcare”. Increasing our sustainability knowledgebase, especially as it relates to healthcare, is of particular interest to Tocci so, I was sent as the Tocci representative to  delve in…

Tune in tomorrow, to start hearing about some of the lectures Graham attended!

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