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VDC Modeler Graham Salzberg:

What do you love about the construction industry? I have had a love for architecture and the built environment since I was a kid. But what I have come to realize what inspires me most about great Architecture and the built environment is that it is a direct result of the execution and collaboration necessary in making a great design idea become reality and being part of that effort makes it worth it.

Why do you stay? Staying in the industry doesn’t come without its challenges and obstacles either as it is so tied to the state of the economy. I find that in the challenging times I have to revisit what inspired me to be in the industry in the first place and how I can tie that back to the profession in a creative way. Having grown up in Boulder, Colorado I developed a love for the outdoors and a deep respect for the natural environment.  As a result I have found new level of desire and purpose in striving to learn new methods, techniques, and technologies that support a sustainable built environment.

Why did you join the Tocci team? I joined the Tocci team because I see the Tocci as an innovative and forward thinking company with the mission to lead the industry in IPD and Lean Construction aligning with my career goals mentioned above.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? It used to be a great cup of coffee but now its being able to wake up to hang out with my newborn son seeing life through his eyes of pure potentiality and curiosity.

What are your thoughts on the state of the industry? I am hopeful that the ever evolving use of BIM and IPD continues to set precedent for benefits of building better buildings in a more efficient and less wasteful way.

What is your guilty pleasure? Having found the culinary treasures of Santa Fe New Mexico and its famous Green Chili, I discovered the taste for Green Chili, Blue Corn pancakes. The hotter the chili the better!

What is the best advice you were even given? “Be impeccable with your word, Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions and Always do your best”. Don Miguel Ruiz

Your coolest projects? At Tocci: 225 Binney. My first colocation project. Collaboration at its finest! Erling Falck Archiects: Ludington Residence: a masterpiece of contemporary single family residential architecture located in Marblehead Ma. This project is an perfect example Erling Falck’s ability to design timeless contemporary architecture with respect to the traditional surrounding vernacular and was proud to be collaborating on that project.

How are you redefining the construction industry? Having more of a residential architecture background with a focus on energy efficient design I strive to be informed on the latest building science methods and techniques. I am curious to see how these building methodologies are informing and being informed by the commercial side of the building industry when it comes to durability, longevity and ultimately sustainability. Combining this with my growing skill base for BIM and efficient building delivery processes I feel grateful to be working at a company that strives to be at the forefront of the evolving construction industry.

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