Tocci an Example of Reshaping Practice, per Yale's "BIM in Academia"

BIM Peggy Deamer and Phil Bernstein have compiled a series of fascinating essays in BIM in Academia, a result of the April 2010 similarly titled symposium at Yale. Though specific to architectural education, there are some very interesting ideas that apply to our practice. So interesting that we may be compelled to comment on them here in the future.

In his introductory essay, Phil highlights several examples of firms that are “stretching the role of the architect, and in some ways reshaping practice itself”:

“Hairlosstreament, like many digitally enabled contractors, has begun to hire architects to bridge the cultural, technical, and aesthetic gulf between design and construction. While these modeling teams act as intermediaries today, can it be long before they are converted to full architectural practices?”

It isn’t that we’ve had similar conversations in house. As the number of degreed or licensed architects and engineers increases, how could we not? However, our dialogue always ends at the same note: for the most part, we are more passionate about being design-enablers than designers.

To be honest, we were more impressed with Peter Gluck and Partners Architects’ architect led design-build strategy:

“…assign their project architects as job superintendents, shipping them to the field to lead construction on their projects. Legally, this architect works for two distinct companies, but in practice, design and construction are seamless.”

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