Professor Pierce Debuts at Yale

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Pierce Reynoldson has been invited to serve as Lecturer in Architecture for the Yale School of Architecture’s 2022b: Systems Integration and Development in Design. This course is an integrated workshop and lecture series in which students develop the technical systems of preliminary design proposals from earlier studio work. This is a required course for all second year M.Arch1 students.

Each week Pierce, along with  mechanical and structural consultants, will be advising a portion of the class on basic architecture design for building code.  Pierce will also be delivering a lecture to the class on BIM-enabled design/construction and project coordination.

Pierce will be partnering with a colleague from Autodesk to lead the course’s BIM requirement. This is Yale’s second year at integrating BIM into the systems course. Last year students documented most of their work using Revit Architecture. Pierce provided a lecture on BIM-enabled construction as well as a pre-finals workshop. This year’s course is even more ambitious in its BIM scope, with a series of advanced workshops on modeling, BIM project management and model sharing. The goal is for students to actually manage their own integrated BIM-enabled project in the same way as professional design teams.

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