Fresh Faces @ Tocci : Jessica Greekwood

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As daughter to the owner of an excavation company, Jessica grew up on job sites; lifting hay bales, pumping diesel, operating heavy machinery, and generally just digging in the dirt. You could say construction is in her blood and after a brief hiatus as a Marine Biologist, she returned to her roots by taking some classes at the BAC and working construction administration at TRO Jung|Brannen.

Recently Jessica was drawn to Tocci by our use of VDC and ideas on IPD.  She plans to contribute in the planning and estimating department with her extensive experience in construction contract administration, impeccable document management skills, and unwavering work ethic.

Jessica is a wife, a mother of two, and a newbie vegan.  She enjoys being in the kitchen with her family and reading food blogs.  Her husband, Dave, is a manager at a popular Boston restaurant.  Together they attempt to control their wildly energetic kids, Dylan (6) and Sonya (3).  Usually they simply join in on the madness.

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