New NVDIA Technology a Game Changer for Architects / Engineers?

NVDIA newest technology – Maximus – seems to fall in line with how the industry is in “streamline” mode. Whether it be lean construction methods, IPD, or similar, the trend in the AEC industry has a recognizable impetus to make processes more vertical. For technology’s sake, there seems to be no better time to introduce hardware that is aligned with those same goals. As NVDIA’s site presents, the traditional workflow is to design/create, then send off for rendering/processing. This method typically puts the traditional workstation in resource lockdown mode, making tasks as simple as checking your email a catastrophe.

The new Maximus workstation is a veritable nuclear power station of resources. They’ve introduced a technological tango of processing power and through-the-roof GPU acceleration to assist in handling a myriad of resource-intensive tasks simultaneously. This means being able to achieve complex simulations responding to geometry changes in real time. The stats may not yet be available, but I’d be willing to bet that one could clash-detect the WTC projects in a matter of minutes? Probably far-fetched, but still, the specs in this setup are hard to not see as an appealing addition to your next project (assuming the price isn’t terribly cost prohibitive).


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