Learn IPD with Howard W. Ashcraft, Jr. – Again!

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For those of you keeping a tally, last month we had our 2nd lecture in a series of Tocci hosted lectures that focus on transformative ideas in the AEC industry. We were very honored to have had the very pioneer of the IPD contract – Howard Ashcraft of Hanson and Bridgett – join us for an extremely informative presentation. In case you weren’t able to make it, we have just posted the hour and a half talk, segmented into six videos of more manageable lengths. Mr. Ashcraft presented an IPD case story in the form of the famous Sutter Health project, as well as an overview of IPD, common myths, and how to effectively deal with teamwork/collaboration in an IPD setting.

Very, very interesting content. Take a long lunch break and enjoy them all, or spread them out ~15 minutes at a time. (You may want to bookmark this page for easy returning)

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