Fresh Faces @ Tocci: Moises Berrun – Master of Architecture

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In his own words:

 Moises Berrun has joined Tocci as a VDC Modeler.  Moises is currently stationed in Newark, NJ working on the modernization of the Peter Rodino Federal Building.

Moises likes buildings.

He likes to demolish buildings.

He likes to design buildings.

He likes to model buildings.

Moises is excited to have found a company and group of people that are as excited about buildings and the craft of building as he is.  Moises believes that good buildings and environments can improve the quality of life and make people feel good.

Moises grew up on the thunderstruck plains of a central Texas cattle ranch, raising cattle until university studies drew him to architecture.  Moises earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University and a master of architecture from Yale University.

Moises lives in Brooklyn, New York and hopes to one day have a dog.

Beyond what Moises has told you about himself, you might like to know that Moises helped cows give birth out on the range in Texas.  He learned about process while working for a manufacturing plant. He studied abroad in Rome and Barcelona.  At Yale he held three teaching assistantships.  As an architect his work includes hospitals in New York City, historic courthouses in Texas, and a museum in Africa.

He just finished running the Chicago marathon. But perhaps the most significant detail you should know about Moises:  he’s a great cook. His first week at Tocci he made biscuits from scratch (without the usual aids of measuring cups and spoons and a regular oven) under Heidi’s watchful eye. Success! Biscuits were served at coffee break and promptly devoured.

Rodino calls him back to New York, and we will miss him, especially on Wednesday mornings.

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