“Collaboration is not a luxury, but a necessity”

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If you remove all of the glitz and glamor of this year’s latest technology used on this year’s most successful construction project, odds are that at the very core, the project was a success because of efficient and effective team-wide collaboration. Eye-opening, right? We didn’t think so either. Working together is quite literally one of the first skills instilled upon all of us from elementary school on. Somehow, that thought process gets convoluted in the AEC industry all too often.

In Ted Garrison’s recent blog post (one where he of Balfour Beatty), he references a recent project in Colorado that is one of the most energy-efficient office buildings in North America – that employed nearly decade-old technology – all while coming in at a 25th percentile of cost among comparable projects. While we obviously don’t condone this behavior (we’re kind of big on the technology thing here…), we do appreciate the volumes this speaks towards what can be achieved when a project team works together well. These are the principles that live at the core of IPD. While we LOVE the technologies afforded with the use of BIM, we do so with the full understanding that it is a tool; an extremely effective tool, but a tool nonetheless. And tools don’t amount to anything if the project team won’t collaborate.

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