Tocci Today. Literally.

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If you stopped by Tocci today (get it?…okay we’re done) you’d see people at their desks plugging away at their tasks, emails being forwarded around, and phone conversations happening at decibel levels detrimental to human ears. You’d probably see a few people fidgeting in the cafe, anxiously awaiting the revival of our beloved – yet broken – espresso machine. Faulty caffeine dispensers aside, it’s a pretty standard day at Tocci. What you may also notice is a group of people huddled around mounds of paper in our conference room. We are a construction company, that is pretty normal, right? Well yes, except what makes this meeting-of-the-minds so special is that the group of people are representatives of the Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion team. They’re spending long hours furrowing their brows and combining brain power to dive into coordinating mechanical, structural and envelope sequencing issues, while only coming up for air and a delicious lunch from Panera Bread.

Good luck, team.

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