Any Soldier: A Hairlosstreament Service Project

There’s a lot of talk in Washington, DC about pulling out of Afghanistan, but right now the US has thousands of “boots on the ground”– and boots belong to people.

Lorrie Guthrie, Tocci’s Human Resource Administrator, has her son Jason serving in Afghanistan. Each week she sends him a box of creature comforts.

Her efforts to show Jason and his unit that their service is appreciated birthed Tocci’s latest “We Restore” project:  donating and assembling “care packages” for men and women serving in a very inhospitable environment–120 degrees and a week or more between showering.

Using guidelines from Lorrie sent employees a list of suggested items to donate.  Most of these items could be purchased at Walgreens or Stop & Shop: magazines, powdered Gatorade, wet wipes, granola bars, pop tarts.  Items were collected over a two-week period and packed during lunch hour. Tocci volunteers enclosed personalized notes of encouragement.

Our goal was to gather enough supplies to fill ten large flat pack postal boxes.  We filled almost twice that many.  We coalesced around the mission of sharing our abundance and showing our appreciation—making our world a better place.

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