Early Engagement of Subcontractors

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One of the major tenets of IPD is the early engagement of key subcontractors. Once selected, these subcontractors sign an IPD subcontract, joining them to the overall project metrics and goals and the shared profit pool. During design, the subcontractors serve in a design assist capacity, collocating and modeling with the design team to optimize the system or trade for design, execution and maintenance.

Tocci is currently going through Early Engagement Procurement (EEP), a process that we developed to competitive choose key subcontractors early in design. The EEP is a unique tool in which Tocci has integrated an expanded subcontractor prequalification and bidding process. It provides the following key information to subcontractors:

  • Project and system-specific information, including key quantities, design information and schedule
  • A detailed explanation of IPD and how IPD subcontractors work

In return, Tocci requires subcontractors to submit their proposal in standard formats:

  • PDF-form based subcontractor prequalification enables us to understand their financial solvency, organization, sophistication, project experience, technical capabilities and attitude towards collaboration.
  • Excel-based bid form requires subcontractors to share unit costs, for material, personnel and equipment as well as their Incentive Compensation Layer (ICL) contribution

The EEP is a fully digital process that helps Tocci to quickly understand which subcontractors have the technical and sociological capacity for IPD while providing the best value to the project. And most importantly, which subcontractors are ready to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to work for the project.

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    • Anyone looking to submit for prequalification can do so via this link:


      You will be prompted to create a login in order to save progress on the form.

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