Standardizing BIM with GSA

The General Services Administration was one of the first building owners to require and implement BIM. The GSA has released the BIM Guide Series over the past few years and is currently taking advantage of the Nationwide BIM Services IDIQ to add to and update it. The KlingStubbins/Tocci IDIQ team has been selected to develop a generic BIM template to serve as an appendix to Series 01 – 3D-4D-BIM Overview. The generic BIM template will leverage existing work from various regions (including some great work that Ghafari did with Region 5), but will maintain vendor neutrality. KlingStubbins/Tocci will be using their current BIM Execution Plan (BEP) process as a framework to facilitate the future development of a GSA BEP template.

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  1. Good to hear there are more people working on BIM standards for the GSA. It’s an enormous undertaking. I am part of the group at Ghafari working on the Region 5 BIM standards. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your progress on the National templates. Are you developing templates for multiple platforms or more of a guide to how to build a template for GSA?

  2. I am interested in the connection between an ArchiCAD BIM model and Facilities Management.

    As BIM is a lifecycle process, How does one migrate the intelligent data out of ArchiCAD into another intelligent FM model?

  3. @Chris-
    We’re actually using some of the Region 5 Ghafari work in our standards, so that there is consistency. However, we aren’t developing templates; we’re developing vendor-neutral standards.

    @Tim –
    We are working on ArchiCAD for Conceptual Energy Analysis, not FM. Perhaps someone at ArchiCAD could answer your question.

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