QuaDror – The Geometry to Alter the Future of Building?

Tocci Stock

Discovered nearly by accident while designing a chandelier for the 2007 Milan Furniture Fair, may very well be on it’s way to revolutionizing the way we look at structures of all kinds. This flat-packed, unfolding union of four ‘L’ shaped components has been tested by global engineering firm, ARUP, who declared it’s structural strength to be “outstanding”. Based on the glowing writeup by the fine folks over at , we may have only seen the beginnings of what can be achieved by this innovative form.


  1. Dan: this is intriguing. At first I thought it was theoretical but seeing the concrete precast parts is exciting. Makes me want to find a way to build a building out this stuff. Thanks for sharing this stuff. keep it up!

  2. wait a second. Now i just saw the movie. This is amazing. the applications for third world situations is compelling. The ship-ability (is that a word?) is powerful. We’ve seen situations in the former Soviet satellite states that are desperate for simple, scalable solutions like this. We’ll be sharing this with our friends at World Vision and Habitat for Humanity. Thanks. JT

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