GSA Pilots FM BIM using Rodino Federal Office Building

As GSA, Tocci/Driscoll, KlingStubbins and the bridging design team work during the design documentation phase, the Peter W. Rodino Federal Office Building Modernization was selected to be one of the GSA FM BIM Pilot projects. GSA Region 2 is truly leading the way in the FM-BIM integration effort with three pilot projects.

Since the FM BIM Pilot kick off in October 2010, Tocci/Driscoll has worked with Onuma Inc. and GSA to define the goals for the project. Recently, the Scope of Work was finalized and will include integration of BIM and CMMS using the COBIE data structure as well as bar-coding and QR-coding of equipment. Tocci/Driscoll will be working with Vela Systems to implement the bar-coding and QR-coding as well, as to support organization of the data. Onuma Inc. will be using its software to validate data.

GSA and Tocci/Driscoll are using this opportunity to implement new technology during both construction and building operations; the team will be using iPads with Bluetooth bar-coded readers to implement and utilize the bar coding system. The team has also opted to use QR-codes in addition to bar-codes, as we anticipate the technology improving and evolving during the construction phase of the project.

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