The trendy “Tiny House”

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CNN recently featured a story highlighting a growing trend for homeowners in Tokyo: building ultra small homes. Although the practice itself is not new, it has becoming increasingly popular during these tough economic times. The video focuses on one homeowner and the house that he built on a plot of land which used to be a parking space and is only 30 square meters.

The interesting part of the story is not only the design itself, which incorporates techniques to save space and give the illusion of having more room, but also the mindset of the homeowner and others like him. His goal was to own property, regardless of the downsides this tiny house demands, such as little privacy and ultra tight accommodations.

While this story relates to the housing industry in Tokyo, another recent story on NPR focused on “Tiny Houses” in the US. These houses also demonstrate good design and quality building on a miniscule scale. And while the reason for building a tiny home in the US is more apt to be a mobile living style or an in-law apartment or home office, the concept remains the same: good design, quality materials and efficient building = good home no matter the size.

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