Bjarke Ingels' 8-House

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The Tocci VDC team has been sharing and discussing the video below on Bjarke Ingels’ 8-House, as well as his TED talk. Not only is the technology behind the video cool, but the systemic methodology that Ingels uses to explain the progression of design intent is amazing.

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  1. Wow this is powerful! Pardon me for commenting on our own site but I was struck with how this video ties in with Pierce Reynoldson’s architectural training at Tocci–especially on typology and placemaking. The ‘host’ was masterful in explaining, step by step, the evolution of the design ‘philosophy’. The graphics are compelling and the morphing of the graphic form into a finished model was very slick. We need to share this with a wider audience and make sure our whole team sees it– we should think about running another class using this video and exploring the implications on our future — like the skills builders will need to support this type of ‘ideation’ and design development. Thanks for posting it Mary.

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