Project Update: Park87

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One of Tocci’s current projects, Park87, is a traditional GMP contract, where Tocci is responsible for construction management. However, the demands of the project required that our team extend our scope, without contract modification. We became intimately involved in the design and detailing process, supporting and executing design documentation, permit drawings and shop drawings – all facilitated through the Tocci-authored Building Information Model (BIM).

Although Tocci was able to leverage the architectural design model created by Khalsa Design Inc., no other trades were modeled. Tocci began its BIM efforts on the project by modeling all other trades. Here are just a few examples of what we’ve been able to do on the project, after the disciplines were modeled:

Initially, Tocci modeled fire protection per the design documentation. However, when it became clear that an excessive number of steel penetrations were required, we worked hand-in-hand with the engineer to re-layout the system. Tocci did the modeling and coordination, and the engineer reviewed the progress documents to ensure design intent compliance. Tocci supplied the final geometry to the engineer to use in the construction documents, so the engineer didn’t have to re-do their drawings.

Although we minimized steel penetrations with the new fire protection layout, some were still required. Once we completed the fire protection layout, we were also able to detail exact locations of steel penetrations. Tocci produced all steel penetration drawings, which were reviewed and approved as steel shop drawings.

Tocci authored steel drawing

As described here, modular projects require review and approval from a state agency, BBRS, in lieu of the traditional permitting and inspection process. For the architectural, structural, electrical and fire protection plans, Tocci supplied the modular subcontractor, KBS, with underlays. For HVAC and plumbing, Tocci produced all drawings, including plans and 3D riser diagrams.

Tocci authored plumbing schematic

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