Project Annoucement: Monarch on the Merrimack

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Tocci has recently begun work on a new historical renovation project: Monarch on the Merrimack in Lawrence, MA. This beautiful building rests along the banks of the Merrimack River (hence the name). Originally named “Wood Mill” this building was the largest in the world at the time of its completion in 1908. In fact, it is longer than the Sears Tower is tall! Due to the size of this structure it is broken into four different sections: C, D, E, F. Building C is being conceived as potential commercial space.  Building E will be utilized as a future phase project, currently projected as more residential space. Building F is being developed as a commercial leasing space, and building D is Tocci’s residential project.

The project was partially renovated in 2007 when it was put on hold; today it is currently designed to accommodate  200 apartments. Owing to it’s size and it prominence in the city of Lawrence, the renovation Monarch by the Merrimack represents a key revitalization project for the entire city.

The owner, Massinnovation, is rightfully proud of its environmentally sensitive design. They have incorporated a geo-thermal well system to provide for the heating & cooling of the building to maximize energy efficiency and utilized re-claimed building materials wherever possible. Tocci will complete the construction of this system, as well as roof replacement, façade improvements and interior renovation, to name a few of the components in our scope of work.

The project is 400’ long x 120’ wide, six stories tall and approximately 290,000 square feet in total area. Construction is slated to begin in June of 2010 and be completed by March 2011.

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