Enthalpy Wheels!

This article came to us today via Green Source. It discusses enthalpy wheels, a neat little invention that recovers warmth and humidity from air exhaust systems. We were excited to read about them because we are using them on New Street Residences, our current residential project in Cambridge, MA. Our VDC team gave us a brief description of how we are using them:

“On New Street we are using Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilators to reduce energy consumption and increase indoor comfort for residents. Each unit contains one of these (see below) Heat Recovery Units (HRU) with an enthalpy core, which transfer heat and moisture from the outgoing air to the incoming air. This means that the fresh air coming into the building in February won’t be cold and dry. We have modeled these units, and the necessary clearance space for maintenance,  as part of our HVAC modeling and coordination effort.”

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